The main aim is to create proficient executives with an integral technical and artistic background, that will be capable of filling in the needs of an ever-expanding market that spreads from the multiform area of graphic arts, advertising and consumer products design to the area of printed material and publications in general. The School also aims to cultivate in those future graphic designers an acute artistic and aesthetic sensibility that will make them able to live up to the social responsibilities they will be obliged to take as professionals.
It is a fact that nowadays a graphic designer contributes greatly to the forming of the aesthetic values and standards of a large portion of the Greek society. His / her artwork becomes the cover of every consumer product and thus influences and forms directly or indirectly the aesthetic values of the average person, with whatever consequences this may have.


The training offered by the School on the field of Applied Arts includes objectives that spring directly from the dynamics that are currently present in this field. The main intention is to offer the students an educational experience that will assist to the development of a visual awareness, an aptitude in design, a skillfulness in problem-solving and communication and will certify a full knowledge of the technological advances in their field of study. The primary objective is to develop and expand knowledge and awareness on visual communication with a series of prerequisite courses, optional prerequisite courses, elective and general education courses.