Professional rights of the graduates

The graduates of the School of Graphic Design in the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Art Studies of the T.E.I. of Athens, on the basis of their scientific and technical knowledge, can be employed as professionals in the following sectors:

1. In publications: books, magazines, newspapers (cover design, illustration, layout design).
2. In advertising: commercial, cultural and political posters; advertising entries in magazines and newspapers; logos for companies and organizations; letterheads, envelopes etc.
3. In communication: all the original forms used for transactions and communication, company printouts; bookkeeping, bank-notes, traffic signs, signs for bus stops, train stations and airports.
4. In packaging: presentation design for all kinds of industrial products; boxes, labels, bags, wrapping paper, disc covers and dust jackets.
5. In television and cinema: design of opening credits for films; design and editing of captions and statistic tables, as well as of any graphic work that adds to a better presentation of news broadcasts or other kinds of TV shows.
6. In the private sector, in advertising firms, publishing houses, graphic design enterprises and in newspapers with internal design studios. In the public sector, in legal entities of public law and in the social sector, in corporations of public interest and in any kind of organization that includes a studio for the design of printed material.
7. In education [in Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) and Professional-Technical Education Centers (PTEC)], in the case that, according to the valid legislation, there need to be courses on graphic design or general courses on publication and layout design. The graduates of the school can also be employed as members of research groups on topics of applied research, within the framework of the above-mentioned competences.
8. As freelancers.