Study plan

The study plan of the School of Graphic Design has been formed according to the standards that are set by the educational approach explained above, and it includes three Course Sectors: the Graphic Design Sector, the Visual Arts Sector and the Graphic Technology and Communication Sector. The greatest number of students is admitted in the School through the Panhellenic General Examinations system, via the Exact and the Technological exam tracks with two additional exams on Freehand Sketching and Linear Design, while a smaller number is admitted directly, as graduates of the Greek Technical High Schools. A minimum number of Greek-Cypriots and foreigners are also entitled to enroll.

Studies at the School of Graphic Design last eight (8) semesters according to the standard curriculum, which includes seven (7) semesters of Theoretical Courses and Workshops and one semester of Practical Training in relevant production bureaus of the public or the private sector. In addition, students are obliged to turn in a final Dissertation in order to complete their studies.

The graduates of the School usually do not face any professional employment problems, since their training is regarded as full and the prestige of the School is considerable - a fact which is by now well-acknowledged in the general market of this profession, both in Greece and abroad. The study guidelines of each course condense and include all the necessary skills that will not only train the future graphic designer on how to be a good professional but will also enrich his / her personality by passing down general artistic and aesthetic values.

The curriculum of the School encompasses all the elements that are necessary in order to fulfill any current demand in the profession and to anticipate its future development.