Postgraduate studies

The term 'postgraduate studies' refers to programs designed for the further education or the specialization of BA graduates, in the scientific field of their interest, ultimately aiming to promote research and technology. In the last few years, it has been noted that the demand for postgraduate studies by both university and TEI graduates has been increasing constantly, while at the same time, the number of employers that require a postgraduate degree as a formal proof of competence, experience and specialized knowledge has been rising as well. These two tendencies show that there is a strong demand for information on postgraduate possibilities, in order to enable the graduates that are interested, to choose a study program that will fit their educational level, their interests and their professional expectations.
The most important reasons that make students turn to postgraduate studies are:

The student needs to devote a lot of time in making the right choice for a postgraduate program. Even though there are no strict criteria to evaluate the suitability of schools and programs, there are several factors that should be taken seriously into consideration, so as to make the most appropriate choice. These factors are related to the following topics:
Educational approach and place of studies, academic level, academic supervisor, career possibilities, workshop facilities, geographical position and climate, study costs, language and social life.

For more information on postgraduate studies, the students may contact the Career Office of the TEI of Athens:
Agiou Spiridonos and Milou 1, 12210 Egaleo, Attica
Tel. +30 210 5385181, Fax: +30 210 5385180, e-mail:

Postgraduate scholarships

There are a good number of organizations that offer scholarships for postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad, such as ministries, foreign governments, institutions, international organizations, as well as several universities. For a scholarship to be granted, the things taken usually into account are the final grades, the performance in courses related to the field of specialization the scholarship is given for, the fluency in a foreign language and, in some cases, the place of origin or the financial condition of the student.
In most cases, the student needs to submit a number of documents, while in some cases the selection is done by competition. Apart from scholarships, there are also alternative ways of funding one's postgraduate studies, through university funds for example, or by getting a student loan from a bank.

Indicative list of universities for postgraduate studies