Practical training

All students of the TEI are obliged to undertake a practical training on the field they want to specialize in, professionally.

The length of this practical training is set to six months for all students and it can take place only after the completion of the last (seventh) semester and only if the student has completed successfully the two-thirds of his / her course workload and all the specialization courses prescribed by the School.

The practical training period has to be continuous and without interruptions, except for the case of working in seasonal enterprises. Practical trainings can be realized: In the public and the private sector. Each student that wants to start his / her practical training, has to file an application form in the administration office of his / her school. In the application, one or more services or enterprises of his / her interest should be affirmed.

The Practical Training Committee distributes the students in the existing positions, after a comparative examination of their applications, and it announces to each employer the names of the students that will be hired for internship. The Practical Training Committee is comprised of three members of the academic staff of the TEI and of student representatives. The Committee is responsible for:

In case the trainee finds out during the training that he / she has to do a job that is outside the general framework of his / her specialization, he / she has to state it in a memo, addressed both to the supervisor at the workplace and the academic supervisor at the TEI. It is the academic supervisor who will decide whether there are good reasons for the trainee to change posts or not. Practical training is compensated in accordance to the valid legislation. During the six months of the practical training, the trainee is allowed to take a total of five days of leave, for good reasons only. All leaves will be noted down in the practical training log.

With the completion of the training, the student will need to submit the following, through the protocol of his / her school's administration office:

These supporting documents will be submitted to the head of the School, who will decide whether they are acceptable or not.