Every student in the final semester has the obligation to turn in a dissertation on a topic directly linked to the reality of graphic design production and services. The course sectors promptly post various suggested topics for dissertations.
The students who wish to sign up for a dissertation topic, need to fill in a special form with a minimum of two topics out of those posted by the sector they selected, in order of preference.

There can be also collective dissertations, done by groups of maximum three students that will take up the same topic and will evenly share the workload involved.
After the completion of the dissertation and its approval by the supervising professor, the work is submitted and registered at the administration office of the School.

The Council of the School sets a date, on which there will be the presentation of the dissertation in the presence of a three-member committee, comprised by members of the academic staff of the School - one of them being the exponent of the dissertation.

The members of the committee follow the presentation of the dissertation and make expository and evaluating questions, so as to form an opinion on how correctly and fully the topic has been treated.
The members decide by majority on the final grade that will be awarded to the dissertation.